We offer integrated logistics services allowing for organization of complete supply chains from the order and pick up of cargo through storage to the delivery of goods to the agreed destination, at the agreed time and in the determined standard. We specialize in handling of goods which require complex or atypical technology of storage and reloading.

We offer storage of goods and VAS – Value Added Services:

- short- and long-term storage of goods

- packing, repacking, foil wrapping, foam filling, palette packaging and building of packing boxes

- cross-docking – loading, unloading and reloading activities

- completing less than container cargo and its distribution to recipients in Poland and in Europe

- co-packing: joining leaflets, samples and promotional gadgets with the product, packaging and customizing and sorting, creating multipacks, recovery of promotional materials.

Partial and full outsourcing projects

Implementing a common project of management optimization and logistics operation handling, we may select the transfer of all or some operations to the operator. We adjust the scope of outsourcing operations to the company strategy. Benefits from outsourcing:

- focus on the company's core line of business

- better use of resources, reduction of unnecessary costs

- flexibility of the use of external storage and human resources

- full control and predictability of costs of logistics and transport

Korneliusz Kittel


mobile: (+48) 500 220 321