Ryszard Puchalski chief executive officer

Korneliusz Kittel business development officer

Modern economy meets the standard of immediate access to goods generated anywhere in the world, expected by each of us. At nearly every corner of the world we purchase goods which are awaited by customers from another country, another zone. The production of goods requires increasingly greater specialization and focus on basic business. Our objective is to deliver goods within the defined time limit, at the agreed price and of verified quality. We have cooperated with the best agents and transport partners worldwide for years, developing relations owing to which delivery chains built for a particular task or project meet the expectations of Partners and Customers. Nearly 20-year experience in the organization of international and domestic transport allows our forwarding agents to offer optimum connections and freight rates. The design part of our team comprises persons for whom work for Entero means passion and a great opportunity for implementation of dedicated, tailor-made actions for the desired effect. Irrespective of the scale of the transportation or logistics task, our objective is to deliver optimum, economic and spot-on solutions. We deliver goods, tested solutions and we provide reliable information because this builds trust in relations with Customers, Employees and Partners of our company.